Devoted to your well-being and driven by an unwavering passion for our craft, we embark on a journey of relentless experimentation and ingredient curation, dedicated to perfecting the ideal balance of tartness, fizz, and all natural goodness of kombucha

The journey to better health starts here.

From enhancing gut health to aiding weight loss through increased metabolism, uplifting mood, and promoting overall well-being, our purpose is to deliver a brew that transcends the ordinary, ensuring your health takes center stage in every sip.

It all began with founder Janet's desire to achieve greater gut health and overall wellness.

As a working mother of two, Janet struggled to find a way to prioritise her health with her busy schedule. Her goal was to both supplement her body with the vitamins and minerals she needed, and solve the problem of her persistent indigestion.

Janet’s journey to better health saw her experimenting with various supplements and remedies. Intrigued by the natural health benefits of Kombucha, Janet sought to craft the perfect formula that embodies the harmonious blend of nutritious goodness and delicious taste with the perfect amount of tartness and fizz.

Following the maturation and consistency of our brews, Janet will now pass the baton to Brendan and Desmond. The duo will continue the foundational work and explore avenues to enhance nutritional values and refine taste profiles of our blends.

It doesn’t stop there. Here at Kimi Kombucha, we are continually experimenting and developing flavours that not only taste good, but also aids in weight loss, improving mood and overall well-being. With brave experimentation and the hunt for the best ingredients, Kimi Kombucha shares the pursuit for a better, healthier you.

We’re 100% raw & brewed with live culture.

the science

We are 100% raw, meaning we do not pasteurise our kombucha in order to preserve the naturally occurring live cultures and good bacteria that are beneficial to promote a better digestive system. These healthy cultures and bacterias aid in digestion, increase immunity and target inflammation, rejuvenating our system and encouraging optimal system processing.

our promise

At Kimi Kombucha, we prioritise the quality and safety of our brew. We strive to provide the best tasting and most nutritious kombucha to our community.

We adhere to SFA requirements and conduct routine culture checks to consistently uphold the high standards of our brew.

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